Best AC Repair Service in Bangladesh (Installation, Servicing & More)

A Complete Overview of Our AC Repair Services

What you expect from us

  • Genuine & Original Parts.
  • Expert and Professional Service.
  • 7 days after-sales service warranty.
  • No hidden cost except the service charge.

What Excluded

  • Cost for the Spare parts.
  • Transportation cost for carrying AC or its parts.
  • Spare parts warranty given by the manufacturer.

Our Available AC Services

  • AC Health Checkup.
  • AC Basic Servicing.
  • AC Master Servicing.
  • AC Water Drop Solution.
  • AC Installation & Uninstallation
  • AC Shifting Service.
  • AC Maintenance.
  • AC Jet Wash.
  • AC Repair.

AC Repair Service In Bangladesh & We Are The Best Repairers

Do you like to stay cool and comfortable in your house during the summer season? You may need an AC Installation service or You may have installed an air conditioner in your room to keep it cool on hot days. However, what would you do when your AC stops functioning? An AC is a complicated cooling system, and minor damage to any of its parts may affect the performance. Hire our AC repair services in Bangladesh and get the best solution. We have a team of professional technicians dealing with HVAC systems of different models. Let us diagnose the source of your AC problems and repair them easily.

Our comprehensive AC repair services in Bangladesh

AC issues can turn up at any time. But, without knowledge and skill, it may not be easy to identify the cause of the problem. Lots of clients approach us to solve different issues.

  • Sensor issues
  • Drainage problem
  • Refrigerant leakage
  • Electric control failure
  • No cold air produced by air
  • AC is taking time to make the room cool.
  • Utility bills getting costly for using AC.

Our professionals check the AC system and detect the problem very easily. Lack of maintenance may also reduce the lifespan of your cooling system and result in different issues. Our certified professionals can inspect your AC to identify the repair needs.

We provide you with a range of AC repair solutions. These are:-

Condenser unit repair

One of the major parts of a central AC is the condenser unit. This part helps in controlling refrigerant that passes through the closed circuit. We need to check your condenser unit when-

  • Your AC is not producing cold air.
  • You cannot turn on your AC in any way.

Air duct repair

It is another serious issue with an AC. The air duct passes through different parts of your home. While there is a leakage in the duct, you will find-

  • Increasing use of energy
  • Low indoor air quality
  • Improper air conditioning
  • Long cooling cycle

Our AC repair package includes other solutions-

  • Basic servicing- We think that regular AC servicing is important to prevent problems.
  • AC shifting- Our professionals can move your AC from one room to another without any damage.
  • AC replacement- We can replace your old AC and install a new one

Thus, hire our professional air repairers in Bangladesh. We will provide you with reliable solutions that make your AC last long. To install a new AC and repair old cooling systems, you can rely on our team.

Repair Versus Replacement- Which one will be best?

AC owners cannot easily decide on the repair and replacement options while dealing with their cooling systems. Based on your AC condition, we help you to pick the right option. Moreover, we focus on some other factors-

  • Age- When your AC is more than 10 years old, we think that replacement is a better option. An old AC consumes high energy.
  • Inconsistency in temperature- It indicates that you have to upgrade your cooling system.
  • Frequent breakdowns- Your AC is not performing best in the summer months. When you find frequent failures of your AC in a year, you can replace it. However, the repair is the better option while there are issues, like dust accumulation, strange odors, and odd noises.

Why choose us as the best AC repairers in Bangladesh?

1. No hidden charge

Our professionals always prefer upfront pricing while you hire us for AC services. Our certified, honest, and reliable technicians will consult with you and give the estimate.

2. Genuine AC parts

When you need to replace any of your AC parts, we ensure that the new ones are of high quality. Your AC will retain its performance for several years.

3. Professional technicians

Our HVAC professionals are highly trained, and they know the right way of repairing any AC model. Your cooling system will be safe with us.

4. Preventive maintenance

We not only repair AC but also provide maintenance services for your cooling system.

Have you decided on hiring the best AC technicians for your cooling system? Our AC specialists in Bangladesh have worked on both commercial and residential ACs. We have learned about the internal parts of different cooling appliances. That is why you may rely on our knowledge and skill to get the best AC service. We have gained a leading position as one of the AC repair service providers in Bangladesh. Our team has invested in the latest repair tools that make our task easier. With a few clicks, you can hire us and avail of our services.