Best Pest Control Service in Dhaka Bangladesh

  • On Time Work Completion
  • Best Service at an Affordable Price
  • Trusted and Experienced Cleaner

Looking for the best pest control service near you? Don’t be panic, Mr Handyman BD offers cockroaches control services, bed bugs control services, rats control services, and termite control services in Bangladesh.

What to Expect From Us

  • Trained, Professional & Expert staff.
  • Non-biodegradable Chemical.
  • 100% hygiene & safe.
  • Service warranty (at least 3 months).
  • On-time service
  • Budget-Friendly price estimation.

What Pest Control Services Do We Offer?

  • Cockroach Pest Control
  • Bedbugs Pest Control
  • Termite Pest Control
  • Rodent Pest Control
  • Mosquitoes Pest Control
  • Ants Pest Control

We provide our pest control services based on:

  • One-time Pest Control Service
  • Monthly Pest Control Services
  • Quarterly Pest Control Services
  • Annual Pest Control Services

Things You MUST Know!

How to get rid of bedbugs?

  • Cover up all your food items
  • Keep your clothes clean
  • Don’t use the same bed sheet for a long time.
  • Avoid using a wet bed or mattress. Always Keep them Dry
  • Check before buying new or second-hand furniture
  • Clean your clothes after visiting an infected house

How To Get Rid of Cockroach?

  • Clean up food residues
  • Wash your dishes and kitchen utensils before going to bed
  • Ensure food storage containers are sealed
  • Do not wipe up the “Gel Bait”
  • Keep your trash can be covered
  • Keep blind places clean from time to time
  • Seal gaps around doors, windows, and where utility lines enter the home.

How To Get Rid Of Rodent?

  • Keep your kitchen completely free of grease, slime, and oily deposits
  • Keep glue traps away from dust to ensure long time utility
  • Place “Glue Traps” near strong-smelling food items/kitchens for best effect
  • Swap “Glue Traps” from one place to another if they are not working.
  • Throw out the Mice once it is caught